No Pre-sale. No Seed Round. No VCs.

A total of 1,000,000,000 $DIGITS have been minted from the very start

  • 10% of the initial DIGITS supply is awarded to the treasury.

  • 15% of the initial supply is awarded to the team.

  • 75% of the $DIGITS supply is used to seed the DIGITS-DAI.e liquidity pool on Sushi Swap Avalanche chain.

The initial DAI.e for the LP has been donated by Digits and was not raised.


  • Each transaction buy/sell comes with it a 12% total tax. This tax is distributed and split between the treasury, reflection, and LP.

  • The treasury is used for farming between different low/medium/high risk cross chain strategies.

  • Discretionary buy backs are performed on the $DIGITS token using treasury profits frequently.

  • Distributions are paid back to holders in DAI.e not our native token (reducing sell pressure, and making sure you get paid).

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